Choose Java For Your Next IoT Project

Thu. May 16| 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM | 108

Track: ESC Boston, Track B: Embedded Software Design & Verification, ESC Boston, Track E: Focus on Fundamentals

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IoT ushers in a new era for Embedded Java. With the proliferation of devices and their varying characteristics, Java is perfectly placed to benefit your next IoT project in a number of ways: Lower cost and shortened development time, Flexible choice of platforms and easy portability to support an exploding ecosystem of diverse devices, Truly massive array of reliable and robust packages for doing almost anything including access to hardware, a robust multi-threading model, Remote debugging built in, Excellent modularity that's core to the language improves security, and Automatic Memory Management through Garbage Collection. We'll cover all of these benefits along with comparisons to other languages and why Java is the best choice. In addition we'll consider the differences between available Virtual Machines, such as varying profile support, closed vs. open source options, and available commercial support.


Mikkelsen, Thomas

Mikkelsen, Thomas

Senior Software Engineer

Skelmir, LLC

Role: Speaker