Uncovering New Patient Insights with Machine Learning

Wed. May 15| 1:15 PM - 2:00 PM | 160A

Track: BIOMEDevice Boston, Track A: Product Development

Badge Type: Paid

Medtech innovators often lack the time and budget for extensive consumer-insight studies, especially when resources are already devoted to exploring clinician needs. New insights about patient needs and the patient experience are often lying in plain sight, in social media, product reviews, and discussion forums. Using new methods developed with researchers at MIT, this session will demonstrate how to apply these open-source tools to find patient insights inexpensively. If you work in upstream product development and management and are tasked specifically with identifying new clinician and patient needs at the start of new product development, this session is for you!

Topics covered include:
  • How machine learning can identify insights in patient-generated content
  • The types of data that can be analyzed, where to find it, and what can be done with the insights uncovered
  • Updates from ongoing academic research in the field
  • Case example involving a common disease state


Mitchell, John

Mitchell, John

President & Managing Principal

Applied Marketing Science, Inc.

Role: Speaker