Harnessing Neural Interfaces for Accessibility, Diagnosis & Treatment

Wed. May 15| 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM | 160B

Track: BIOMEDevice Boston, Track B: Research & Development

Badge Type: Paid

Recent advances in medical technology have radically improved the ability to diagnose disorders, overcome physical handicaps, and provide new paradigms for disability access. However, significant needs remain in neurology and physiotherapy as well as for expanded access to prosthetics and other means of human machine control. In this session, you're invited to think critically about the future of medical devices and the need to embrace nascent technologies that can revolutionize patient care.

Topics covered include:
  • A new, non-invasive neural interface for investigational use in clinical applications
  • How this technology applies cutting-edge machine learning to extract meaning from physiology and seamlessly integrates with machine control frameworks, including virtual reality
  • The potential of neural interfaces to create novel medical devices to be used anywhere


Wetmore, Dan

Wetmore, Dan

Director of Clinical & Research Partnership


Role: Speaker