Bioelectronic Medicine: Shifting the Focus in Chronic Disease Treatment

Wed. May 15| 9:15 AM - 10:00 AM | 160B

Track: BIOMEDevice Boston, Track B: Research & Development

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Since the invention of the implantable pacemaker, electrical stimulation of the human body has been used to treat diseases and health conditions. While these bioelectronic devices have been used to treat patients for decades, we are now in a wave of disruption and innovation that will greatly expand the scope of this technology and accelerate the market to a value of over $60 million by 2029.

Topics covered include:
  • Key drivers in the recent surge in bioelectronic medicine
  • How bioelectronic medicine will address unmet needs, particularly in the treatment of chronic conditions
  • Considerations for the future of bioelectronic medicine and bioelectronic product development


Tsao, Nadia

Tsao, Nadia

Technology Analyst


Role: Speaker