How Synthetic Biology is Driving Healthcare Manufacturing Innovation

Thu. May 16| 10:25 AM - 10:55 AM | Center Stage, Booth 543

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Thanks to synthetic biology, it is now possible to produce silk without spiders, milk without cows, and leather without hides. Using this fast-moving technology with extraordinarily diverse applications, microorganisms can be modified to generate raw materials such as specialty chemicals (pharmaceutical intermediates, rare chemicals, biomaterials, food ingredients) and biofuels at a much lower cost than with traditional manufacturing methods. Scale-up production of raw materials is achieved through bioprocessing and engineering manufacturing principles that promote healthy microbial growth. Join industry entrepreneur and whiz Sridhar Iyengar, CEO, Elemental Machines, as he talks about how synthetic biology has the potential to disrupt healthcare.

Topics covered include:
  • Why the union of biological and digital engineering solutions is key to driving synthetic biology innovation
  • Tangible healthcare end products produced using the principles of synthetic biology
  • New approaches to raw material sourcing for healthcare applications
  • Examples and applications for biomedical and manufacturing engineers


Iyengar, Sridhar

Iyengar, Sridhar


Elemental Machines

Role: Speaker